All of the friends. None of the fear.

Spoony is the community platform for neurodivergent, chronically ill, and disabled people.

A global community, living in your world.

Spoony is a safe space. Designed by folks with lived experience and in collaboration with accessibility experts, Spoony is for and by people like you.

Join the conversation, or start your own.

From diagnosis questions and shared experiences to travelling tips or cat pics — Spoony makes it simple to share your thoughts publicly or chat privately.

Make friends. Find support.

Match with friends, therapists, and support workers. Spoony connects you with the people who truly understand and support your unique needs.

Share your Spoon Status™

Some days you're full of spoons, others not so much. Set your Spoon Status™ to let everybody know if you’re seeking respite, revelry or somewhere in-between.

What Spoonies are saying

“I’ve never signed up for something so fast.”


“Best thing is to surround yourself with other disabled people. We understand each other.”


“I am ready. Let’s go Spooooooony!”